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Best Employee Transportation Services (ETS) in Chennai

Chennai, the city that breathes history and innovation in equal measure, is a magnet for talent. From the bustling IT corridors of Tidel Park and SIPCOT to the vibrant auto industry, Chennai's growth story is undeniable. But let's face it, even the most delicious filter coffee can't perk you up after battling Chennai's legendary traffic.


According to CEIC Data Chennai has a Traffic Congestion Index of 12.46. This translates to significant delays for commuters daily. At Rego, we understand your struggle to ensure the smooth transport of your employees in Chennai. As a leading provider of employee transportation services (ETS) in Chennai, we offer a smooth ride that lets your Chennai workforce ditch the daily traffic grind. With a network of conveniently located pick-up points, we ensure safe, comfortable, and dependable commutes, reducing employee travel stress.

Rego – because a happy commute is a happy employee, and a happy employee is a productive one!

Our Chennai Employee Transport Gallery

Highlights of Our Employee Transportation Services (ETS) in Chennai

Employee Transportation Services (ETS) in Chennai
  • Rego has full-fledged North Regional Headquarters and strategically located Corporate Mobility Hub in Chennai

  • Wide variety of fleet options from Sedan to Luxury to EVs

  • Advanced ETS Technology with open API integration capabilities

  • 100% Employee Safety with advanced Women's security features

  • 24/7 Customer Support with central command centre

  • Well-maintained fleet with brand-new vehicles

  • Intelligent route planning to save time and cost

  • Experienced, Verified and Trained Chauffeurs

Employee Transportation Service (ETS) Options in Chennai

Our comprehensive Employee Transportation Services (ETS) suite in Chennai is designed to keep your Chennai workforce moving and your business thriving. At the heart of everything we do with ETS in Chennai, is our 3S principle which is safety, security and satisfaction.


Employee Pick-Up and Drop Service in Chennai

Escape the individual commute struggles. We pick up employees from designated spots across Chennai, ensuring a convenient drop-off right at your office doorstep. No more wrestling with rush hour or last-minute cancellations – just a reliable and on-time start and end to the workday.


Corporate Shuttles for Company Staff in Chennai

Plan organised employee transportation with designated routes and schedules. Our modern and comfortable shuttles, traversing the familiar sights of Anna Salai and beyond, will give your team a pleasant and relaxing experience, allowing them to arrive at the office refreshed and ready to tackle the day.


Employee Outstation Cabs in Chennai

Business trips to Sriperumbudur or beyond? We've got you covered! Rego offers seamless management of employee travel needs for business trips or visits Inside and outside Chennai. Secure and reliable transportation options ensure a smooth journey for multi-day trips and conferences.


Employee Airport Transfers in Chennai

Take the worry out of airport commutes for your Chennai team, whether it's at Chennai International Airport or the bustling domestic terminals. Our on-time pick-up and drop-off services ensure a smooth transition to and from flights, leaving 


Employee Intercity and Intracity Rides in Chennai

Need on-demand travel within Chennai, be it across the Cooum River or within a specific zone? At Rego, we provide convenient and flexible transportation options. Whether it's intercity meetings or local errands, Rego caters to your team's diverse needs throughout the workday.


Employee Day Outings in Chennai

Rego goes beyond just commutes! Planning a team-building event at ECR beach or a company picnic at Muttukadu Boat House? Choose from a variety of vehicles to accommodate group outings in Chennai. 

Let Rego take the wheel and keep your Chennai workforce happy and productive. Contact us today to discuss a customised ETS plan for your business!

Why our Employee Transport Service in Chennai

20+ Years of Pan-India Experience

Women's security features

Chauffeur-driven and tech-powered

End-to-end automation

Convenient, reliable, cost-effective

How Our Employee Transportation Service Booking Process Works


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Travel with Rego

Experience the hassle-free travel experience with Rego employee transportation services

  • Is Rego a B2B Car-Rental or B2C Cab too?
    Rego primarily caters to B2B car rental services for corporate clients. However, we also offer B2C cab services for significant events, marriages, outstation trips, and other events.
  • Is Rego a Pan-India Car-Rental Company?
    Absolutely! Rego provides car rental services across India in 256+ cities with 4117+ cabs and chauffeurs. All the major metro cities in India have Rego’s regional offices.
  • Does Rego have EV Cabs?
    Yes, Rego is committed to sustainability. We offer a growing fleet of eco-friendly electric vehicles (EVs) to reduce your carbon footprint. We have dedicated charging stations and have tied up leading charging station chains across India to ensure your green journey goes uninterrupted.
  • What are the top benefits for Corporates from Rego?
    One-stop Shop Travel Solution Transparency and Standardization Centralised Operations Scale with Quality Cost Optimization Safety and Women's Security Hassle-Free and Pan-India
  • How does Rego save cost for corporates?
    Rego saves costs for corporates through efficient route planning, optimized fuel consumption, reduced maintenance expenses, and competitive pricing, without compromising on quality and safety.
  • What are the top two USPs of Rego for corporates?
    Trained Chauffeurs: Our professional and highly trained chauffeurs ensure safe and comfortable journeys. Advanced Technology: We leverage cutting-edge technology for real-time tracking, women's safety, efficient route planning, and seamless communication, enhancing your travel experience.
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