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Top Employee Transportation Service in Bangalore

Bangalore is known as India's "Silicon Valley," as it is a hub for technological innovation and home for IT giants like Infosys, Wipro, and Mindtree and biotechnology majors like Biocon. Bangalore houses more than 7,000 businesses, according to the NASSCOM 2023 study, and is the world's third-largest startup ecosystem. The city draws highly talented workers from all around India and the world.


A sudden boom in tech and biotechnology led to a huge influx of people, for which the city’s infrastructure wasn’t ready. This has resulted in Traffic congestion in Bangalore, which is considered, one of the highest in the World. Unreliable public transportation and lack of last-mile connectivity from the metro, only add to the stress and dissatisfaction of employees. A  report in 2023 has revealed that the city has suffered a loss of ₹ 19,725 crore per year due to its traffic delays, congestion, stoppage of signals, time loss, fuel loss, and related factors.


That's where Rego comes in! Being a Bangalore-based corporate car rental company with 3 strategically located hubs we provide safe, comfortable, and reliable employee transportation services in Bangalore for companies of all sizes. Our employee transportation services help to improve employee productivity, reduce absenteeism, and create a more positive work environment.

Benefits of Regos Employee Transportation Services

Safety First

We meticulously maintain our cars to the greatest standards, ensuring they are in peak condition for each journey coupled with women's safety features like a panic button, live tracking, and a 24x7 central command centre. Our drivers undergo extensive background checks and training to ensure your employee's safety and security.

Advance ETS Technology

Powerful rostering is built into our tech stack, which will ensure your employees’ routes are intelligently mapped on a dynamic basis. Our user-friendly mobile app and web application empower your staff.  For their ad-hoc travel, with effortless booking, they can reserve rides, manage their journeys, change their pick & drop locations and obtain vital information with a few clicks.

Enhanced Employee Productivity & Well-being

Long commutes and traffic congestion can significantly impact employee well-being. Rego's reliable Employee transportation service in Bangalore removes this burden, allowing employees to arrive at work fresh and ready to contribute, 

Improved Employee Satisfaction

At Rego, we understand that employee satisfaction is paramount to the success of your business. That's why we prioritize providing a comfortable, stress-free commute experience with our employee transportation that fosters happiness, utmost safety,  

 Experience Stress-Free

Employee Transportation with Rego

Why Rego for your Employee Transportation Service


Years of experience


Trained Chauffeurs


Customer Support


Cities across India


 Tech Enabled Fleet

Employee Transportation Service (ETS) Options in Bangalore


Employee Pick-Up and Drop Service

We pick your employees up from designated locations and drop them off conveniently at your office door, ensuring a reliable and on-time start and end to the workday for a productive workforce.


Corporate Shuttles

Designate specific routes and schedules for efficient and organised employee transportation.  Modern and comfortable shuttles ensure a pleasant and relaxing commute experience for your team.


Employee Outstation Transport

We offer seamless management of employee travel needs for business trips outside Bangalore. Secure and reliable transportation options ensure a stress-free experience for multi-day. trips 


Employee Airport Transfer

Employee Airport Transfer takes the worry out of airport commutes for your employees. On-time pick-up and drop-off to Kempegowda International Airport services ensure a smooth transition from flights.


Employee Intercity and Intracity Rides

We offer convenient and flexible transportation options for on-demand travel within Bangalore. Whether it's intercity meetings or local errands during the workday, we cater to your team's diverse needs.


Employee Day Outing

Choose from a variety of vehicles to accommodate group outings and team-building events. Foster employee morale and create lasting memories with hassle-free transportation handled by Rego.

How our Employee Transport Service Works


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Our employee Transportation Service Gallery

  • Is Rego a B2B Car-Rental or B2C Cab too?
    Rego primarily caters to B2B car rental services for corporate clients. However, we also offer B2C cab services for significant events, marriages, outstation trips, and other events.
  • Is Rego a Pan-India Car-Rental Company?
    Absolutely! Rego provides car rental services across India in 256+ cities with 4117+ cabs and chauffeurs. All the major metro cities in India have Rego’s regional offices.
  • Does Rego have EV Cabs?
    Yes, Rego is committed to sustainability. We offer a growing fleet of eco-friendly electric vehicles (EVs) to reduce your carbon footprint. We have dedicated charging stations and have tied up leading charging station chains across India to ensure your green journey goes uninterrupted.
  • What are the top benefits for Corporates from Rego?
    One-stop Shop Travel Solution Transparency and Standardization Centralised Operations Scale with Quality Cost Optimization Safety and Women's Security Hassle-Free and Pan-India
  • How does Rego save cost for corporates?
    Rego saves costs for corporates through efficient route planning, optimized fuel consumption, reduced maintenance expenses, and competitive pricing, without compromising on quality and safety.
  • What are the top two USPs of Rego for corporates?
    Trained Chauffeurs: Our professional and highly trained chauffeurs ensure safe and comfortable journeys. Advanced Technology: We leverage cutting-edge technology for real-time tracking, women's safety, efficient route planning, and seamless communication, enhancing your travel experience.
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